Poem from Chris Milsom, 62, Cleethorpes

Gold state coach, eight drawn by Windsor Greys.

Commencing Royal Mews,

Westminster Bells, gathering pace towards the Mall.

At a glance, Tiffany fountain,

Journeys end returning to Buckingham Palace.


From Windsor to Sandringham, Balmoral beyond.,

Everywhere she goes goodwill flows,

Congruous anticipation, families await to see the Queen,

At other times, Royal car arrives at childrens playground,

the Monarch steps onto their ground.



Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Helped so many through his scheme.

New skills applied, to reach mountain summit,

through snow and ice. Surely footed.

A Platinum Jubilee.


Royal Berkshire, fields, meadows, roll graciously to the sky.

Tributaries, River Hart, whitewater, Blackwater, slip into Lodden.

Burbling,  influencing, one another.

Reflection as if in tribute. Lodden meanders,

as it flows effortlessly towards the Thames.

This platinum jubilee.


Crown Jewels  kept in tower.

This is the reason for this Platinum Jubilee.

Jewels achievements taken root in their minds.

Rubies, Emeralds, diamonds, Gold.

These jewels are not in stone.

So many types and kinds.

Ductile malleable, this is their reward.

Still many treasures buried in the sand  of British Isles.



Rivers rise at some point.

Jubilee excitment, precise,

Indefatigable cascading at this time in celebration

A Platinum Golden Jubilee.

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