A Wiggle of Corgis, Happy Happy Jubilee!

Hosted by:
Claret Sales and Marketing Ltd t/a Peeli Printing
27 May 2022
Warwick Town, Warwick Square, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 4SA, United Kingdom
Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
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Enjoy a happy, happy jubilee celebration! How many corgis can you find whilst wandering around Warwick? Count your corgis and scan the QR code to download a free activity sheet.

Join us at Warwick Museum for A Wiggle of Corgis story time, read by author Diane Maybey! Saturday 4th June at 10am and 11am, book online directly with Warwick Museum Eventbrite page…

Corgis sponsored by individual retailers and businesses will be visible in windows across the town from Friday 27th May 2022. For complete inclusivity our activity sheets will be free to download and ‘A Wiggle of Corgis’ gift packs will be donated to Warwick Hospital and children’s charities.