Art, Music, Food and Fashion across the decades -1950 to 2020

Hosted by:
Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People
12 June 2022
The Monty Hind Centre,, Leengate, Lenton, Nottingham NG7 2LX, GB, Nottinghamshire, NG7 2LX, United Kingdom
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Closed/private event
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Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People (Notts CYP) was established in 1935, and are passionate about ensuring equality of opportunity for the most marginalised young people in Nottinghamshire, therefore have always worked hard to target young people with the greatest disadvantage; manyfrom areas of deprivation, with low social mobility and social isolation.
Over the past 7 years, Notts CYP has changed its offer and predominantly works with
young people with disabilities and/or additional learning needs via activities, sports, informal education, like skills, personal development and social sessions. Notts CYP also deliver vocational courses to ourmembers, volunteers, staff and the wider community.
The volunteers at Notts CYP are the cornerstone of the organisation and they give their
expertise, knowledge, time, and dedication to support our young people participating in
our programmes. The vulnerable young people who access Notts CYP services develop their personal and social skills, building their confidence and self-esteem by focusing on their abilities (rather than disabilities) and personal strengths, (not weaknesses) thus helping them to achieve their full potential, become active citizens and lead a better quality of life. This project will engage participants in three primary arts experiences: dance, visual arts
and music. During the celebration preparation, our core group will research the cultural
trends over the decades starting from the 1950s until now. This will take place for 2
hours a week over 8 weeks, culminating with a large event on June 12th 2022. One of
the artists, will work with the group weekly, comprising of approximately 20 young
people and this will not only give the young people a sense of purpose, a direction but
also build their confidence and self esteem whilst making them feel a sense of pride at
their achievements during the final event.