Atherton Town Centre Street Party

Hosted by:
Atherton Community Trust
4 June 2022
Market Street, Atherton, Manchester, M46 0DA, United Kingdom
Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
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The Atherton Community Trust are organising a Street Tea Party for Saturday 4th May to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. This will run from 1200-1800hrs, and we aim to close off Market Street from Crab Lane to Smith Street for the Tea Party. We hope to encourage all our schools to participate, and they will each be allocated specific sections of Market Street to conduct their Street Party. Furthermore, we would like our sports clubs and community groups to support our fantastic bars, cafés and pubs by linking up with them. For example, I know that the veterans would like to link in with Curiosity for the day. If any business, club or group has any preferences then please let me know.
We would like this celebration to be inclusive of all ages and are fortunate that the layout of our town centre makes this proposal manageable. The town centre in recent years has evolved from a traditional shopping town to one that is prospering from the service industry. Local businesses such as bars, cafes, and restaurants are supporting this proposal and are keen to provide outdoor seating and tables for the day. Alternatively, residents will be encouraged to bring their own tables and chairs – similar to the Proms! However, we would suggest that we create two linear columns on the road of Market Street. This will allow the bars, pubs, cafés and eateries to have their own table and chairs on the pavement outside their premises and also allow pedestrian access.

Our aim is to flood the closed-off area of the town centre with union flags, bunting, and life-size cardboard pop-ups of the Queen to create a vibrant patriotic atmosphere. Schools will be allocated specific areas which they will be responsible for. Alternatively, residents are encouraged to also bring their own chairs to enjoy the day lie they do at the proms. Let’s just hope that the weather is nice! We are quite lucky that we can call on many community groups to assist us with setting this up. This