Beacon Lighting on Blackheath Common

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Open to public, no booking required
Hosted by:
The Blackheath Society
2 June 2022
Blackheath Common, , SE3, United Kingdom
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The Blackheath Society is leading the Jubilee celebrations in Blackheath including taking part in the the lighting of one of the Queen’s Beacons in the centre of Blackheath Common.

The Blackheath beacon will be situated in the centre of the Blackheath Common near the paved circle known as the Hub. To locate it, head in a straight line from All Saints’ Church towards the Blackheath Gate of Greenwich Park.

From 8.30pm 7 choirs, mostly from Blackheath Halls, will give a concert, each picking a song from one decade of the Queen’s 70 year reign. The programme will be varied with gospel, musical theatre and classical pieces.

Just before 9.30pm, a bugler, Trinity Laban student Ed Habershon, will sound a tune especially written for the occasion to announce the beacon’s lighting.

The choirs will then join together to join other choirs nationwide to sing the song especially composed for the Jubilee.