Bradford Moor Platinum Jubilee Celebration

Hosted by:
Bradford Moor Play and Support Service
5 June 2022
Attock Park, Rufford Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 8AX, United Kingdom
Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
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FB page Bradford Moor Play and Support Service / email /07702210910

Bradford Moor PASS is a resident-led voluntary group, which informally started in 2005 with the aim of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in Bradford Moor.

We currently have over 42 active volunteers, of different backgrounds, delivering community activities including sports, educational and social cohesion programmes. In 2007, the group formally adopted a constitution, established a Management Board and moved into a purpose built converted shipping container in Attock Park.

All our activities are for the benefit of residents within Bradford Moor. We have delivered a range of projects including Women’s markets, sports events and coaching, environmental workshops, community cohesion and social events. We work closely with local partners including West Yorkshire Police, the Fire Service, Council departments including Youth and Parks and many others. We have a long track record of successful project delivery and supporting young people.

As recipients and award winners of the QAVS 2021, we feel it is even more important for us to lead in the delivery of a weekend full of family activities and fun fair to our community in recognition and celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum. Jubilee.

Our locality hosts, perhaps the largest contingent of new arrivals into our City, and it is of utmost importance for all to recognize and celebrate a national day of pride and joy.

Attock Park, at the heart of Bradford Moor, will be decorated appropriately and the entire weekend will be an open and public celebration involving food, activities, an all weekend party at the Park.