Feedo Needo celebrates HM the Queen’s platinum jubilee

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feedo needo
2 June 2022
Feedo Needo, 24-28 Smithfield house, Birmingham, West Midlands, B5 6BS, United Kingdom
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Open to public, no booking required
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Our charity was founded in 2006 and aims to be a community development non-profit organization that offers food and basic necessities to those in need amongst our local community. We offer contributions to all members of society and we offer free food between 9am and 2pm Monday to Friday pre COVID, regardless of race, gender, religion and ability, as this improves focus areas of our community and inspires compassion and love on a larger scale.

Our motivation is derived from the fact that more than a quarter of a million people are homeless in England (BBC). The figures show homelessness hotspots outside London, with high rates in Birmingham, Brighton and Luton. To continue with our organisational mission of reaching out to those needing support the most; and practicing “charity begins at home”, we started food distribution drive in Birmingham.

To mark HM the Queen’s platinum jubilee this year, we plan to celebrate by hosting a big jubilee lunch in a street party style format at our office location in Birmingham. We will also be distributing food parcels to our vulnerable service users at our food bank, as well as a special treat to commemorate the Queen’s jubilee in the form of goodie bags and planting a tree with our patrons in mini plant pots to take home.