Holyport’s Platinum Jubilee Fair Party

Hosted by:
Holyport Community Trust
4 June 2022
Holyport War Memorial Hall, Moneyrow Green, Holyport, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 2NA, United Kingdom
Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
Find out more:
https://www.holyportcommunitytrust.org or email platinumparty@holyportcommunitytrust.org

Holyport Community Trust (HCT) is a charity that supports the community of Holyport via the use of a village hall that is hired out and used by HCT and hirers for many events of different types year round. There is an outside green area that houses a children’s playground which is currently fenced off as the playground has been deemed unfit for use. By hosting a Jubilee event on 4th June it is hoped that enough money will be raised to start re-building the playground in the autumn of 2022. The Jubilee party will open at 12:00 and have traders selling many different types of goods inside and outside the hall, a BBQ, Pimms, Prosecco, music, children’s games, adult games, and a raffle are amongst some of the entertainment and stalls. We will need help in running stalls, setting up/dismantling, serving food, etc! Please email platinumparty@holyportcommunitytrust.org if you would like to volunteer.