Invent Interactive Trails

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Open to public, no booking required
Hosted by:
The Sunnywood Project
11 April 2022
Burrs Country Park, Woodhill Road, Bury, Greater Manchester, BL8 1DA, United Kingdom
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The Sunnywood Project: Invent Interactive Trails is a project to create new interactive nature trails created by young people aged 8-16 years.
Based on the success of our current innovative interactive trails (History Trail, Puzzle Quest and Valley Quests) which has seen and encouraged over 1500 families to take part and get active outside. Our Youth Programmes have supported these projects in maintaining and taking part and they have expressed interest in learning how to make one from scratch. This activity will lead to young people taking ownership of their local green spaces and learning new outdoor and digital skills. Over the 18th month period, we will work with 6 different groups of young people in 6 different areas. Each group will learn the skills to create, produce, build, promote and advertise their own innovative interactive trail in a local park of their choice for their locality. Young people will also make connections with other local community groups to gather feedback on their trail ideas.
These will then be enjoyed by their local community and encourage community cohesion, outdoor exploration, local conservation and improve people’s mental, physical and social wellbeing. Each of the trails will have a Jubilee/royal name or aesthetic to promote and celebrate the Jubilee i.e ‘Queen Elizabeth’s II Quest’. We will create ‘open days’ with the young people to celebrate the launch of their interactive trails in their locality. We will also invite the local press and councillors to celebrate their achievements.
Each interactive trail will have its own webpage which will link to a blog to celebrate the achievements and progress of the young people developing their trail.