Jubilee and Jewry: celebrating social equality for British Jewry

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Open to public, advance booking/ticket required
21 April 2022
qw, London, uk, N16 5DL., United Kingdom
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Britons benevolence to British Jewry and freedom to practice religion among other social equality turnarounds post WW2 since the queens coronation. The jubilee – yovel in Hebrew – is a year observed once in 50 years, and symbolizes importantly, the manumission of slaves by their owners- which essentially meant that slaveowners had to release and free slaves. This jubilee period symbolizes social equality and freedom and not unlike the inception of her majesty’s reign in 1953 when the UK served as a safe haven and place of refugee for holocaust survivors. We hope this program will connect young people with elderly community members and help expose, inspire, and connect community and instil and appreciation for Britain and positive reciprocate social equality ideas and appreciation for other ethnic minorities.
One the eve of the Queens Birthday we had a special inauguration event, with music, food, and a Union Jack decorating with fun rides for the kids. We introduced the project to the community. The next highlight event is scheduled for the 10/05/22, A live performance about life in Britain by young people in conjunction with seniors, some of whom were part of the Kinder Transport and had arrived in Britain as holocaust refugees as well as second generation war survivors. Following soon after will be a beautiful exhibition showcasing freedom for Jews in Britain and how the country supported he wider Jewish community to live free of racist fear. It will demonstrate boom of Jewish Businesses and economic contribution to the country. A children`s event with inflatables and performances is also currently planned and will take place during the Jubilee week.