Jubilee Beacon Lighting evening – Otterbourne

Hosted by:
Otterbourne and Allbrook Parish Coiuncils
2 June 2022
Boyatt Lane, Otterbourne, Winchester, Hants, SO21 2HW, United Kingdom
Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
Find out more:
We're expect to have the Parish Council websites providing info before the end of April. Meanwhile I can be point of contact for info: Richard.daniels@allbrook-pc.gov.uk. Tel: 07590 613101

As the two closely-related parish councils of Otterbourne and Allbrook in Hampshire, we are organising a combined event on Otterbourne Common that is located at the junction of the two parishes. The Otter pub, also located near the Common, is providing accompanying barbecued food and live music in their nearby pub garden. The beacon itself will be located on part of the Common approx 50m in front of the pub, . We have contracted a local craftsman to construct the metal brazier as detailed in the Jubilee Guide. However this will be mounted on a sturdy metal frame rather than on top of a pole, as the cost and availability of a suitable pole has been prohibitive. We intend to source and fund the pole in the next financial year and create the permanent “monument” on a different part of the Common this time next year. The elements of the event still being arranged or sourced are: local choir to sing the anthem, piper and bugler, Morris Dancers.