Jubilee fun

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12 June 2022
Herons Wood, Langham Lane, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 5NT, United Kingdom
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This is a private event for family and close friends

In order for us to take part in our local celebrations we have planned our party for Sunday 12 June.
Beginning with the Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, a friend and I have slept out for a total of 10 nights to ensure a front row position for Royal events, the last being the wedding of Prince Harry.
We were joined on occasions by other family members and friends. Now age has prevented us from sleeping out again, we are gathering as many of those people as possible, and their families, to a celebration in our garden.
Among the 35+ present will be family from Australia and friends from USA. Ages will range from 2 years to 82 years.
We plan to have a fun day, remembering many of the experiences we had. Kind and generous people, fun and laughter, torrential rain, sun, cold, but above all wonderful memories. The highlight was possibly when Ben Moore, BBC South, accompanied us to the Wedding of Prince William and Catherine.