Long to Reign Over Us! – Jubilee Celebration Workshops for Primary Schools

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As Creatives
1 May 2022
, , WC2R 2PP, United Kingdom
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2022 is a huge milestone in the momentous life of Queen Elizabeth II, as she marks seventy years on the throne with a Platinum Jubilee. So, knowing that schools up and down the land will want to celebrate this unique achievement, we’ve developed Long to Reign Over Us – a joyous and reflective programme of drama based workshops for every primary school year group!

Able to accommodate the whole of up to a two-form entry school in a single day, Long to Reign Over Us opens with a whole-school assembly (which can be streamed if needs be), looking at some “landmark” British monarchs – and exploring the role of monarchy today. The rest of the day is divided into a series of drama-based workshops looking at ways in which Britain has changed over the course of the Queen’s long reign. Each year group takes its own focus as follows …

Reception: exploring ways in which the clothes we wear have changed since 1952 …

Year 1: comparing and contrasting the toys children played with seventy years ago to the ones they enjoy today …

Year 2: looking at how our homes have changed during the Queen’s reign …

Year 3: entertainment then and now – what are the similarities? And what are the differences?

Year 4: investigating the evolution of travel since Elizabeth II first came to the throne …

Year 5: focusing on ways in which families have changed over the last three and a half decades …

Year 6: getting to grips with how we communicate with each other – what changes have there been since the coronation?

Workshops take place at your school and are available to primary schools across the UK.

Get in touch for more information or to book at info@ascreatives.com or on 0151 708 8886