Parade of Sail

Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
Hosted by:
Royal Forth Yacht Club
4 June 2022
Middle Pier, Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, EH5 1HF, United Kingdom
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The Royal Forth Yacht Club, founded in 1868, is based at historic Granton Harbour on the stunning Edinburgh Shoreline. The Platinum Jubilee Parade of Sail on Saturday 4th June is intended to be one of the highlights of the season.

All of our members are invited to attend and take part. The plan is to create a large fleet of boats to head downwind flying a spinnaker, goose winged or adorned with flags, starting at the racing circle and heading into Wardie Bay to Newhaven. This will be a memorable and colourful spectacle for all members of the public, visible all the way along the shoreline from Granton Harbour across Wardie Bay to Newhaven.

The parade will be held mid-late afternoon. Onshore, a BBQ is planned afterwards for all members and friends.