Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – Falkland Islands

Hosted by:
Falkland Islands Government
1 June 2022
Town Hall, Stanley, FIQQ 1ZZ, Falkland Islands
Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
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The Falkland Islands Government have been partnering with groups and individuals to organise a number of events to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year. This is a really exciting time for us, as it gives us more opportunities to come together as a community and celebrate our British heritage. Celebrations will commence on 1st June, when we will hold a public reception for HM Queen. A Beacon Lighting event will take place on the evening of Thursday 2nd June, which will mark the beginning of an eventful weekend ahead. A commemorative Church Service is being held on Friday 3rd June, followed by a Community Street Party and Family Dance on Saturday 4th June. We are sure all events will be very well attended, as they usually are by our wonderful community. This year is particularly special for the Falkland Islands, also, as we are currently marking the 40th anniversary of our liberation with a year-long programme of our own commemorations and celebrations. We look forward to celebrating alongside the United Kingdom and the rest of the world this year!