Platinum Jubilee Concert seven decades told through one family’s story

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Open to public, advance booking/ticket required
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Whalley Village hall
4 June 2022
Whalley Village Hall, Accrington Road, Whalley, Whalley, Lancashire, BB79TD, United Kingdom
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This event at Whalley Village Hall tells the story of the seven decades through songs, slides, a quiz and most of all the stories of an ordinary Lancashire Family. It is unashamedly a nostalgia trip and gives you a chance to relive your memories. Join in the sing-song, share the memories. Have fun, give thanks and celebrate. The main character born in 1952 is called Elizabeth Margaret after the two princesses but known as Queenie at home and Liz to her friends. During the evening she recalls the stories of her life and family including tales of the Coronation. How everyone crowded into Aunty Vi’s house because she was the one with the telly. Aunty Jean remembers taking part in the church parades. As Liz grows up she remembers the days of school milk, holidays to Blackpool, seeing the Beatles at Blackpool. Remembering the cost of things, and all the firsts – first trip abroad, buying a house, getting married. Come along and join Liz and her friends and family and see what memories the evening brings back.