Round Britain Jubilee Sailing Cruise

Hosted by:
Snark Ltd.
2 June 2022
Plymouth Yacht Haven, Plymouth, United Kingdom, PL9 9XH, United Kingdom
Open to public?
Open to public, advance booking/ticket required
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In 2022 the Thames barge ‘Snark’ is sailing around the four nations that make up Great Britain. She will be visiting all four capitals and many other historic ports and harbours in between. This is a celebration of all that is good about the British coast, the wildlife, the scenery, the regional food, the industrial, marine and military heritage, challenging sailing, local dialects and traditional music. Of course, there is also the small matter of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to celebrate.

Over the 100 days she is sailing around Britain, in ten legs of between 5 to 11 days each covering the English Channel, the Thames, Anglia, Northumberland, Herring Coast, Scottish Lochs, Irish Sea, Cymru and West Country. Snark will leave Plymouth on the 2 June, sailing between 30 and 60 miles a day and mooring up in harbour or anchoring in sheltered bays overnight. She will lay over to embark up to six passengers and provisions at Eastbourne, London, Great Yarmouth, Whitby, Leith/Edinburgh, Inverness, Belfast, Caernarfon, Cardiff and back to Plymouth. All these ports can be reached by public transport which our guests are encouraged to use to minimise their carbon footprint.