Stony Stratford Street Party

5 June 2022
Ryeland, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK11 1DB, United Kingdom
Open to public?
Closed/private event
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Residents in our cul-de-sac road, with 26 houses, is a very community minded bunch of lovely people who are very keen to celebrate the Jubilee with a Street Party.

We would like to decorate the houses and front gardens

A resident DJ has offered to provide musical entertainment

If there are Covid restrictions we could have tables and seating areas in each garden and visit each other with adequate social distancing

Use the triangle grass area or the road for tables for a tea party. The road is preferable as the green area can then be used for games etc and for the children to play on.

We would like an afternoon teatime party due to the many events being held in our town throughout the morning and afternoon. It would be a lovely way to wrap up the day. Residents could invite friends and family but the event not be open to the public.