Tea Party for Dogs – Totton

Hosted by:
Healthy Pet Store
2 June 2022
Healthy Pet Store, 27 Salisbury Road, 27 Salisbury Road, Totton, Hampshire, SO40 3HX, United Kingdom
Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
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The Queen loves dogs and we are sure she would love the idea of dogs enjoying tea and cake. Thus, we are running a Jubilee celebration just for dogs. We will have special fluffy sponge cupcakes with a yummy topping just for dogs, and various teas for dogs to enjoy in their own paper cup and saucer. There will ample opportunity for photographs. We have a large enough outdoor space to cater for dogs needing space away from other people and/or dogs. So we invite anyone to come over with their dog (s) for a celebration of our Queen’s 70th Jubilee.