The Long Sutton Queens Platinum Jubilee Day Celebrations

Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
Hosted by:
The Long Sutton Queens Jubilee Committee
6 May 2022
Winfrey Park, Bull Lane, Long Sutton, Spalding, Lincs, PE12 9HA, United Kingdom
Find out more:
01406 363327

The Long Sutton Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Day. The Long Sutton Parish Council along with The Long Sutton Queens Platinum Jubilee Committee and other organisations

Have came together to organise

A old fashioned fete & dog show

Please join us for a lovely, fun & superb family day out

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Please see info on the poster and dog show schedule. Etc

There will also be
Platinum Jubilee Scavenger hunt

Contact details

Table tops and car boots

Dog show enquires
Mr Hayden Feetham (Dog Show Secretary)
Tel 01406 363327
Mobile 07464203353

Everything else
Cllr John Clarey
Tel 07484178964

There will be a best platinum jubilee themed window display competition
This is free entry for any local shop owners in Long Sutton who like to take part
Please see the poster for details
Contact Cllr Hayden Feetham
Or email