The Platinum Jubilee CrownRelay

Open to public?
Closed/private event
Hosted by:
Shepton Social Running Group
1 May 2022
Shape Mendip Hub, Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Somerset, BA4 5BT, United Kingdom
Find out more: is the facebook group

We are a social running club in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.
It is a non-membership facebook group for runners of all abilities.
We are holding ” The Platinum Jubilee Crown Relay” which will run from (no pun intended) 1st May and end 5th June

Our Rules for the Crown Relay:
You can run, walk, or cycle – no-one is looking at distance or time
You can go on your own or with others (you could even pass the crown whilst in the group!)
Keep it relatively local e.g. roughly within 10k of Shepton
Post a picture of yourself holding/wearing/pointing to a crown (can be real or virtual/emoji) but don’t say where you are – the trick is that we have to guess (but don’t make it too difficult either!)
If you can, use the hashtag #crownrelay and state what leg you are e.g. leg one, leg two, leg three and so on
First person that posts that they will get the crown ‘challenge accepted’, takes it to a new location (please ensure you do it within 12 hours so that we can all get involved)
Next person does the same thing and so on.

We’re aiming to get the virtual Crown passed around 70 times before 5th June