There will be many events and activities celebrating the Jubilee across the UK Commonwealth and beyond in the months leading up to the special extended bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June 2022.

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The map below shows the approximate locations of events celebrating the Jubilee. Click on a pin to view more details about an event. You can zoom in/out of the map or move it around using the +/- buttons or by clicking and dragging the map.

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This map represents just some of the thousands of activities that are being planned across the UK. If you are planning a Big Jubilee Lunch you can also add your info to Big Jubilee Lunch’s own interactive map, while Nextdoor has a map where you can see what’s happening within your local community and Queen’s Green Canopy has a map of tree plantings

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3,673 public events and 3,872 street parties or private events shared so far


Adderlane Academies Jubilee Party

We are a local first school within the community. We celebrated it with our friends from The Manors – Housing Care and Karbon Homes. We had a disco for the children, a singer for the residents from The Manors, afternoon tea for both adults and children, we had planned for a bouncy castle but had […]

Bell Ringing

We will ring our church bells for half an hour from 12:00 noon, on Thursday, 2nd June, 2022.